Property powered by people

Flexible property investment that's stable, sustainable and secure.

Benefit from rising property prices and yield, thanks to our unique digital ownership model.

Flexible investments that typically outperform other options

Digital asset market size

The European Tokenised Real Estate Market is set to be worth 1.5 Trillion Euros in 2024.

Asset backed

Every investment you make is backed by a real property or piece of land.

Annual yield

Earn yields from real world assets such as rental property & construction loans.

Low volatility

Property investing has always been seen as a low risk investment and asset increasing in value over the long term.

Passive income

To buy property large deposits and complicated paperwork is required. Not with Bricktrade. Property investment offers a great way to earn passive income.
Property ownership is different with Bricktrade

It begins with your peace of mind

Transparent & secure
Enabled by our blockchain technology platform and advanced security measures.
Due diligence
We manage all the due diligence and onboarding of investment projects.
Lower barrier to entry
You can start investing with small amounts, as little as £500.
Finance, Construction, Rental or Green Energy

We've got property investments that are right for you

We focus on building a diverse portfolio to give our community exposure to the assets that are right for them.

One Park Drive, London

Luxury apartment located in Canary Wharf, London. Investors will earn 5% APY yield & 7% APY Property appreciation, true asset-backed investment. Interest is calculated annually and returns are paid in Dai or GBP. Tokens are issued on ETH.

44 Acre Solar Farm

Opportunity to invest in generating green energy via investment into a UK based solar farm. Total raise of 1M for phase one will generate an 11% APY return for investors for 10 years. Interest is calculated annually and returns are paid in Dai or GBP. Tokens are issued on ETH.

High Yield Modular Homes

Opportunity to invest in a socially impactful property that offers clients sustainable and high-yielding buy-to-let opportunities. Our primary focus is generating hassle-free passive income streams for our clients and affordable homes for those in need.