Nov 17, 2022

Launchpool AMA

We recently did an AMA with for the Launchpool community so they can learn more about Bricktrade and the companies vision to revolutionise property investment

Can you please tell us a bit more yourselves?

- Hi I am Guv Kang, Founder and CEO of Bricktrade. I have more than 15 years of experience in the real estate sector as the founder of, a premium real estate agent located in London’s Docklands. My expertise is in real estate redevelopment projects, property investment fundraising and managing relations with housing authorities.

- Jag Singh Head of Product

Hi I am Jag, I manage the Bricktrade platform and its technological development. I have held positions at digital currency services provider Kryptocash, mobile wallet solutions providers, I have created fixed income products as an investment banker and as business analyst for property contractor Tecfast. I hold degrees in Economics and Quantity surveying.

Please tell us a bit more about your Team.

- We have a very experienced team, all with deep knowledge and experience in their sectors. Property, Technology and Finance professionals with over £20bn of deals done so far in their careers ;

Guv Kang — CEO

Jag Singh

Jasbir Channa — Senior QS

Mikael Kayanian — Senior Blockchain Dev

Mike Wilkins — COO

Antony S — Commercial Director

Vinay Gupta — Strategy Consultant

In simple terms please tell us what Bricktrade is all about.

Bricktrade is a real estate tokenization platform. Our current focus is on construction finance, where we help property developers raise their construction finance through crowdfunding, we are an alternative to bank finance for this capital. This means we can provide investors with high returns in asset backed investments and provide liquidity to property developers to assist in reducing the global housing shortage.

Going forward into 2022, we will finish the Beta test of our platform, conclude our FCA regulation, increase our marketing activity and release our first investments to the market.

Given the “real” risks involved in the real estate market, how does BrickTrade project its investors?

- Yes, for our investors we will first obtain as many FCA protections as possible

- Second we have risk control systems in place for our investors with the following:

- All property developers must own their land in a SPV, equity for this land is held by Bricktrade capital ltd until the borrowed funds are returned.

- We place a charge on the land — so we are among the first to be paid out if the site fails

- We take a personal guarantee from property developers and will enforce this in the event of default

- Once the capital is raised we do not pay this immediately to a developer, we instead agree milestones and only make payments when a previous milestone is completed.

- We have an inhouse team of Quantity Surveyors to ensure the site is on track and funds are only received when works have been completed

I understand you intend to offer Construction finance in Phase 1, can you please explain why?

We find this this is the lowest risk investment in the cycle of property

- Because the developer must first own the land (asset backed)

- They must have planning consent to build

- As soon as they building work the value of the site starts to rise as new value is being added (asset value security)

- Deals have a fixed term and fixed income so investors know exactly how long they have invested for and exactly how much they can expect to earn on Day 1

What other products do you have in the pipeline?

- We are working on solutions to provide more affordable housing and for our investors to help more people to get homes

- Clean energy investment products that allow investors to fund sustainable energy solutions in new building and homes

- Fractional ownership where investors can buy slices of property (which our developers will be building) and benefit from the income they generate once rented.

Can you tell us a bit more on the $BRKT Token?

- It is on the Binance smart chain

- We will issue 100m tokens and we will add a deflationary model in the future

In terms of token utility, what else does BrickTrade offer its token holders?

- Token holders get free access to our investment products

- Token holders earn higher interest

- Staking BRKT on platform

- Earn interest in USDT and stake for interest on your interest

- Priority to invest

- Voting and governance

- LP staking

- Property investors must first buy BRKT before investing — which drives token price in the long term — the more we grow the more your investment grows

Can you share any future plans beyond 2021 with us?

Given that real estate is quite new to crypto, why should investors consider your project?

- Confidence is high, I believe that most crypto investors know that the tokens they hold are not backed by any real world assets, this is where we are different as we are offering something real that you can invest in with crypto, you can build communities, change cities if not the world by contributing unproductive capital.

Because of this we can fund deals in under 2 mins and we can offer more services which all generate more income.

Housing and development are broken and need disruption, we are disrupting a $2trillion industry

What are your marketing plans

We have several campaigns in the pipeline you can follow us on Instagram/Linkedin/FB and telegram additionally as mentioned we will be raffling homes: debt/mortgage free which is very unique. Our registration numbers and audience numbers are growing and we are building a great community of engaged users — so we are confident!

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