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Nov 17, 2022

Bricktrade: 2021. The year In Review

As 2021 comes to a close, the Bricktrade team is feeling grateful for all we have managed to achieve this year, and excited about the arrival of 2022 and all the opportunity it will bring with it as we continue to grow.

What is Bricktrade?

A quick recap for any newcomers: Bricktrade is an independent property investment platform focused on construction projects. It is the first of its kind to accept cryptocurrencies for property investments and connects property developers with investors via a blockchain-powered marketplace.

Join us as we take a look at the major milestones Bricktrade met in 2021.

Looking back at the Bricktrade Platform:


After two years of hard work and elbow grease, 2021 saw great development along our path to launching the BrickTrade platform, along with a roster of excellent recognition for being industry-leaders and helping to forge a new path for the real estate investment sector.

The launch of the BrickTrade platform will represent the culmination of our vision to help savers find secure, asset-backed property investments which they can participate in from as little as £500, whilst also helping developers and fundraisers in meaningful ways too. Our team could not be more excited about this, and we welcome all of you to try out the upcoming beta by following this link.

The platform can manage all funding and financing applications in one place, along with fiat and cryptocurrency investments. At this point in time, the Android app is being tested and receiving encouraging feedback from users: we’ve onboarded development financing needs of over £100 million.

To further enrich property developers experiences, we are looking at ways to incorporate building material procurement tools into the platform.

The platform will be powered by the BRKT utility token which will soon be allocated to over 500 early-adopter investors.

Looking back at our incubation with Launchpool Labs:

After much planning and deliberation in finding the right fit for our funding and VC needs, in June of 2021 we were delighted to start working with Launchpool Labs, the preeminent VC and blockchain incubator, and have enjoyed an extremely positive experience as part of their first cohort of incubatees. Through this tier-1 partnership, Launchpool Labs will help us grow not only our product but our community too, combining our property and real estate knowledge with their crypto-friendly and stakeholder-empowering ecosystem.

Looking back at our highly sought-after seed investment round:

Led by investors Alphabit Fund and Techstars, our seed raise was not only successful but oversubscribed, and we were both humbled and thrilled by the positive feedback. Additionally, we are happy to announce that we’ll be joining the 2022 Techstars accelerator program to further strengthen our value proposition and help meet our ambitious goals.

“We’re absolutely delighted to say we’ve now finished our seed fundraising, which has put the Bricktrade project in a very strong position. From here we’ll seek to keep up the great momentum we have behind us and achieve the exceptionally bright future which we know Bricktrade has in store” Bricktrade Founder Guv Kang

Looking back at 2021 events:

The Bricktrade team had a fantastic time at the LSBU Business School exhibition as well as attending:

Token 2049 — crypto experts from around the world met in late October in London to discuss the promising future of the space and celebrate the successes enjoyed by all so far.

DeFi Live — the brand new 2-day in-person and virtual event also held in London that serves to highlight some of the most exciting projects in the decentralised finance movement.

We can’t wait to attend even more events in 2022!

Looking ahead to next year:

To date, there has not been a single globally-recognised and compliant real estate tokenisation platform in the world. Bricktrade and the future will change this.

We have pushed the boundaries and have engaged with our Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) lawyers and partners, and will be announcing our completed FCA application in 2022.

This will include crowdfunding, crypto assets and issuing securities, making us the first to reach this milestone — something we are very proud of.

Work on this began in December and are already seeing record numbers of sign-ups to our platform and our audience is growing.

We hope to continue to spread the news and grow as a business whilst we continue to educate users on the benefits of cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, and asset-backed investing.

About Bricktrade:

Bricktrade is a decentralised, Blockchain-based platform where properties can be traded directly between buyers and sellers.

Bricktrade lets investors own part of a property without the usual hassle of deposits, mortgages, credit checks, and mountains of paperwork. Investors can get started buying fractionalized shares of properties with as little as £500, thanks to its cutting-edge crowdfunding platform, which leverages the power of the crowd to provide developers with a fast and efficient way to raise funds for development projects. This allows users to directly invest in development projects while earning bank-beating interest rates.

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